• Price: $151,800
  • Year: 2023
  • Model: WAYFARER 25 LW
  • Property ID: 3629842
  • Partner ID: 5027768745
  • Posted On: Sep 1, 2023
  • Updated On: Nov 14, 2023

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Photo of Rv
Photo of Rv

RV Description

This Wayfarer LW is the top-of-the-line all-electric Class C RV.

It has never been on a personal trip of any kind and stored at my slip at the local KOA since I bought it. So completely new.

Why I'm selling a new vehicle later.

Before I bought this Wayfarer, I gave a lot of thought to how I might modify it to overcome some limitations. The kitchen is what you get in a Class C today, a bit tight. I especially thought about how I would modify the cab over bunk for better kitchen storage. I even identified a woodworking shop near Tiffin in Alabama to do the work. I also had an extra post anchor installed in front of the theater seating for eating and meal prep.

I could also talk a buyer through the specifics of improving battery management.

This is an all-electric hydronic heating and hot water vehicle. No propane. Everything works off diesel.

The greatest advantage to the LW is the massive side-to-side storage bay. I’ve outfitted it with shelving which the buyer can keep or not. There is more storage in this Class C than in some Class As.

Also, I love the twin bed layout for two older people with a doggie! Also, lots of bedroom storage, although the big deal is the full pass-through storage in back.

One thing is for sure. The current Sprinter chassis is to die for. The drive home to San Diego from the dealer was effortless. For the two days I was on the road, it was 100-degree heat all the way, including 118 degrees that day in Phoenix, until I hit the San Diego back county hills. The vehicle never gave that intense heat a second thought. Just motored along safe-to-handle at speeds that I had to be sure to watch. This vehicle drives like a car. Totally impressed

I owned a 2015 Sprinter-based Winnebago View. Can't say enough about the features of the cab. No comparison in terms of the sophistication of the controls and the comfort and adjustability of the seats (both sides).

For those who might want to know why I´m selling a vehicle I just bought, I bought this vehicle thinking I would import it into Europe after fixing it up to my specs and waiting out a six-month duty-free period.

I changed my mind for several reasons. The main one is that I finally discovered a way to get my slightly larger Dynamax DX3 34KD, which I also own and love, into Europe. I found an agent outside Paris who says she can get it done. Don’t need two RVs and prefer my Dynamax.

This vehicle is titled in Montana.

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