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  • Year: 2023
  • Model: OTHER
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  • Posted On: May 31, 2022
  • Updated On: Jun 24, 2022
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RV Description

This is a newly built Chesapeake Light Craft Teardrop camper with several upgrades. The camper is new, the trailer is a few years old.

This beautiful camper is made with several layers of fiberglass and finished with four coats of varnish. The well-designed kitchen galley has multiple storage options to make cooking a simple and enjoyable process. An integrated 5-gallon water tank in the front provides water for drinking or washing dishes. The 100-watt solar panel, battery, and inverter provide hours of power for remote camping.

Aftermarket upgrades:

-"Starry Night" light feature in the cabin
-Exterior led lights in Galley and "Eyebrows"
-5 gallon water tank in the storage
-Bike Rack between storage and Camper
-100 watt solar panel
-4" memory foam bed
-28ah battery and inverter
-12" tires
-Protective Vinyl trim around doors/galley hatch
-900lbs total weight

Link to Chesapeake:

Price includes all mentioned accessories.

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