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  • Posted On: Jun 12, 2023
  • Updated On: Jun 17, 2024
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RV Lot Description

One of the largest premier lots in the resort, Lot 80 has a 360-degree view of the resort, a 240-degree elevated view of Lake Greenwood and the resort’s clubhouse, pool, and docks, and is on a very quiet short side lane off the main road around the resort. Many enhancements have been added to this beautiful lot.
Despite having a concrete pad capable of handling a 45’ motorcoach, 2 vehicles and a golf cart, an extra 12’ feet of concrete pad was added onto the rear of the original pad and a 12’x14’ Yardistry™ gazebo, complete with a slatted privacy/sun/wind wall, a bar, a fan, and three wind-down shades on the rear, front and lake side of the lot. An additional 1 ½ feet of concrete was added to the left side of the pad and a retaining wall with a French drain behind it was built from the road to the power pedestal, and a lower landscape brick wall built from the pedestal to the gazebo in the rear of the lot. A drip sprinkler system ensures that the plantings on the left side remain healthy. Town water was piped from the front of the lot to the gazebo area and provides three 3’ high spigots. Electric power has been run from the pedestal to near the gazebo area. Rubber covers have been placed over the road gutter to prevent windshields torquing and breaking when entering/exiting the lot. Patio furniture is already under the gazebo. Beyond the gazebo, a large grassy area extends to the rear of the lot, bordered on the left and rear by mature shrubs.

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